Finding the Best Jobs: eBook Sample

There are about 50,000 households in the U.S. alone that have net worth between 50 and 500 million dollars.  There are over 1000 billionaires... and growing.
- CNBC News,
"Rise of the Super Rich" Documentary

The opportunities to work for the super-rich are unprecedented in history.  Celebrities and the ultra-wealthy employ small armies of people to manage their lives, but you're not going to find those jobs on  They are in the hidden job market.  You have to know where to look, and then how to approach them with tact.
- Brian Daniel,
"Headhunter to the Stars" and Founder of The Celebrity Personal Assistant Network 


 The Best Jobs eBook Includes:

  • How to find the best jobs
  • How to reach decision-makers
  • How to approach the rich & famous tactfully
  • How to format your resume to impress
  • Effective tips for getting the interview
  • Must-know facts for shining in the interview
  • Beating more experienced candidates
  • Hyperlink text with other resources
  • Surviving the inner circle back-biting
  • An inside look at the first-class life
  • Contains photos and video of life on the job
  • Comes in PDF: No e-reader needed

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